About our site

About our site

About Belleek Shop


Belleekshop.com is a dedicated web portal offering a selection of Ireland's best loved and most cherished gift brands.

Our History

The Belleek Shop in Ennis, Co Clare is recognized as Ireland's oldest established retailer for Belleek Parian China in Southern Ireland, with a history going back to the early 1900's. Bought by its current owners in 1974 The original Belleek Shop was fondly known at the time as Dan O Driscoll's Gift Shop & Newsagency. To this day Belleekshop.com operates from the same location at the corner of Abbey Street in Ennis, Co Clare.

Belleekshop.com has a proud reputation built from 12 years successfully doing business on the internet, quickly becoming a online pioneer in Ireland back in 1998 when DSL broadband was not yet invented. Since our inception international mail order delivery has been a cornerstone of our operation. This extensive mail order experience stands the testament of time today enabling the business to prosper and thrive in the competitive world of online mail order.

Our Physical Store

Our gift shop in Ennis on the West Coast of Ireland is open daily from 10am to 7pm Monday to Saturday. We are closed on Sunday.

Our Web Sites

Our first online gift site was launched in 1998 under our original company name of Belleekshop.com and quickly gained widespread acclaim from newspaper articles in various countries when we were awarded with a title of a "Business Champion" for the Ennis Town Information Age technology project in 2000 followed by national exposure from winning the monthly Irish Independent / Eircom nationwide web awards for online businesses in 2001 We also own and operate the very successful Giftvenue.com web site offering selected gifts for various gift occasions


Belleekshop.com is a dedicated web portal offering the complete product collections highlighted and shown in our physical retail store in Ennis, Ireland. A famous selection of the very best of Ireland only.


Our sister web site of Giftvenue.com is an online web site dedicated to gifting occasions. Since its inception Giftvenue.com has its ethos in delivering a selection of Ireland's most prestigious gift brands and has a very strict policy on product selection for indigenous Irish suppliers ensuring that what we sell is the "best in class" and that the quality is beyond reproach.

Both Belleekshop.com and Giftvenue.com have a proven history of successfully being the best! Offering the best brands, the best gift idea's, the best prices, the best customer service and without doubt the best delivery.

Our Gift Brochure

Keeping customers in the loop, we send out a bi-annual gift brochure which features the best sellers from our various online and retail store stores. This small gift catalogue is dispatched to customers Winter & Summer to keep them abreast of what's what.

Our Telephone Customer Service

Recognizing that not everyone wants to shop online or search themselves for the answers on a web site we operate our own in-house dedicated customer care team especially trained in everything we do and fully understanding of all products that we offer. This telephone team is there for peace of mind as much as for phone sales. So if time is of the essence or if you simply have a question to ask call us today direct on +353 65 68467891